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We've been working on a refresh of our website for a while, and after Brian Casey 's excellent throwdown of the site on Monday, I tweaked some things to apply his suggestions. Stephanie Baiocchi mentioned posting here when we had something to show. I would love feedback from anyone and everyone. I'm really trying to incorporate both TAYA and Storybrand into this update. Hopefully, this displays okay for you. It's basically a big jpeg image for each page:

Homepage <-- The hero image at the top would be video.
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Steve Hoffer
I like the headers that you have. You might want to include one more that would address a key purchaser question, which is "Why can A1 Concrete provide the best solution? Why should I spend my dollars with you, and not someone else?"
We've got a team putting together what I (think) is great content for our organization, but I'd welcome some feedback? This is our first serious (we did some soft funny videos first) video we created. We've actually created a pretty full pipeline (I think there are 15-20 video projects underway), but I'd love some non-geek (we're in the IT services world) feedback if possible:

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Steve Hoffer
I agree with the others that you seemed very comfortable on-camera. Here are some thoughts:
  • While the audio quality was good, there was something about mic placement that didn't seem quite right. Maybe distance to the mic is too much? I was listening on headphones, and that sometimes makes a difference.
  • It might help to add some text on screen that tells us what an MSP is.
  • If you add text, keep building on that to make and reinforce your main points.
  • Others have mentioned it, but consider a teleprompter such as 
Hi everyone!

I posted recently about expanding our in-house marketing team. As part of that, it looks like we'll have the opportunity to add a part-time graphic designer sooner rather than later -- which is great news for our content marketing efforts. My plan is to have her work on layouts and designs for premium content, as well as things like infographics for blog articles and web pages. I'm sure having better visuals will help our content to have a bigger impact on our prospects.

Because this is going to be a big part of our inbound and TAYA strategy, I'd like to make sure she has a solid foundation in both of those concepts as soon as possible. I'm going to send her some articles from IMPACT and HubSpot about inbound and TAYA, and... See More
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Understand how to change a 'feature' discussion into a 'benefits' discussion. Frequently, you'll be given a list of features about a product or service. If you take that feature, and add 'because...' to the end, and keep going. That will help spell out the benefit. 

Example: This car has electric windows...because using a switch to put down the window is easier than a hand crank. The electric windows are the feature, but the benefit is having something that easier than a hand crank (who even remembers those?)

Focus primarily on the common problems that users are likely looking to solve, make sure your graphics person is talking to sales personnel, and make sure sales personnel agree on the benefits. Sometimes a little nuance is needed to get a benefit communicated correctly.
Not to pull at your heart strings, but in reality, I am trying to do exactly that. I'm looking to buy a lighting kit for photography and video recording that's easy to use and pretty portable to move around for my girlfriend's birthday. She has a personal baking account with ~4k followers and I want to help her make it even better without having to always rely on natural light for photoshoots or tutorials.

What kits or tech would you recommend? Pricepoints and places to buy them are a plus!

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Steve Hoffer

An interesting, useful, but small light is the Aputure MC RGBWW LED Light which can be purchased from BHPhotoVideo for $90, although it's so popular that as of Mar-17-2021, it's on backorder. Wah wah. 

Note: Same price at and they do have it in stock.

It's a small light, about the size of a cell phone, but with a 1/4-20 thread on the side so that you can mount it. It uses Bluetooth and an app that  connects to your phone, and that allows you to dial in any color, as well as various shades of white, but when you want to shoot video of some flying monkey cookies with a nice wizard-of-oz-green in the background, this will be the light you need. 

More info here:

If you want more than one, they are available in a four-pack, or a twelve-pack as well. Just search for MC 4 or MC 12 for those packages (which also include charging cases). 
I am was working on putting together captions for a couple videos and realized this might be a good question for this community: What are your favorite video captioning tools?

To give some context, I'm putting together videos and want to make them more accessible and am looking for what all of you prefer to use to quickly turn around captions. The platform I'm using recommends iFrame if that helps at all as well (tbh not too savvy with this stuff). Thanks! See More
Steve Hoffer
Two things happen when captioning... 
  1. First, you're (obviously) turning audio content into text content. This is important, because search engines 'speak' in the language of text, not audio. Once the content is text, it's now searchable, just like a document.
  2. Second, a time-stamp is being added, so that you have a reference or timecode within the video for when that text was being spoken. This is how closed-captioning works--the text is displayed at a time that 'synchs' with when that text is being spoken.
  3. The typical file format output is a .SRT file, which contains both the text, and the 'timestamps' for when the text should be displayed (which is then used for sub-titles). 

I like; it's an AI-powered system that automatically translates audio into text, but then allows you to 'tweak' the text to improve it even further using a simple interface that highlights the text as the audio plays. They used to have a plan for 'blocks of time'. Now it starts at $48/Month. The output is an SRT file

It looks like would be a good alternative. offers to transcribe one video for free.