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This article from Zach Basner details: The personality traits to look for The core abilities a candidate needs to demonstrate What interview questions to ask Assignments and activities to test a videographer's skillset Check out the article and let's get that videographer hired! See More
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Hi all,

Hope everyone is doing well and meeting their end of year goals.

Had a few questions for folks who work with a dedicated video editor and animator: When did you think it was right to add a team member(contract or full time) to edit all your video content? - I currently don't think we're ready, but am wondering if we'll be there in the next year or so. Did you decide to hire someone full time, or hire a freelancer? What influenced your decision? Thank you and Happy holidays!
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As a Website Project Manager, you’ll work with a website strategist in order to organize website-related work that needs to get done and communicate to the client the status of where everything is at. You’ll work closely with designers and developers within a project management tool to orchestrate all of the tasks that need to get done in order to accomplish the client’s objective set by the strategist.

All of the details for this position, including salary, location, requirements, and job responsibilities, are included in the link above!

Have questions before applying? Leave them in the thread! See More
Sales enablement content certainly isn't easy, and while sales teams need to be involved, the marketing and content teams need to be asking the right questions when they do get together.

The 5 questions in this article are a fantastic way to build trust and understanding with your sales team and will help content managers and sales teams alike create the right content for their organization.

Have you asked your sales team these 5 questions? Check them out and share down below!

(No, I won't be giving spoilers of what the 5 questions are ) See More
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Does anyone put a video on your blog page telling visitors exactly where to find things See More
PROBLEM SOLVED: As it turns out, there was a bug with my Hubspot dashboard, and the report (while showing for everyone else in the marketing department), was not showing for me. After chatting with Hubspot, the report is now showing and it does in fact have a way to show revenue as it relates to the contacts generated by our youtube channel which is trackable in Hubspot.

Does anyone have anything like this? A third-party analytics tool that can show you that a visitor from your you-tube channel became a customer (with or without filling out a form on your website)?

I have access to the YouTube data in google analytics and it is useful, but I am having trouble finding a way to attribute revenue. Hubspot seems to not want to integrate with... See More
I came across this signature example from a HubSpot Enablement Agency and I really loved the simplicity and functionality of the signature but I'd like mine to be less "ME"-oriented. What are your favorite signature elements??? We need to up our game for nurturing emails, new sales, consulting, and account management! View full-size Download

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Do you have an example of what you use to get a response from cold prospects that clicked on your meeting link but don't book?

I would like to automate an email to them directly since they are likely the best unconverted opportunities we are getting right now.

PS. I have watched trainings on how to optimize the meeting link landing pages and I've also thought about sending video 1:1 but I haven't had time to execute on that yet : )
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Learning paths and playlists are finally here!

These are guided learning experiences designed to take all of the content available in IMPACT+ and put it into a "start here, then go here" format for you to develop your skills and expertise in specific areas of They Ask, You Answer. Learning paths Learning paths live under the Learn section of IMPACT+ and are designed to help you learn the basics of They Ask, You Answer, then to dive into specific aspects of the methodology such as creating business blog content, building a virtual selling strategy, and more.

Here's a link to learn more about learning paths

Playlists Playlists live under the Events section of IMPACT+ and 'best of' showcases from our speakers, instructors, and personalities... See More
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Source: knowledge.hubspot.com

I didn't want to bury the lead but I went to make a new sandbox for a client and was blind-sided by this (they're Enterprise-level across all Hubs).

I could've sworn you used to be able to have multiple sandboxes... See More
This article caught my eye this morning. Google is crawling pages and looking for an emphasis on certain words or phrases through bolding or italics.

While it probably won't take your article from Page 8 to Page 1 on the SERP page, it seems that Google will give it a bit more weight: Whereas if you take a handful of sentences or words within your full page where you say this is really important for me and you bold those, then it’s a lot easier for us to say well here’s a lot of text, and this is potentially one of the most important points of this page, and we can give that a little bit more value. Seems that the key takeaway from this article is to strategically use bolding and italics not just for emphasis in the article, but for... See More
The new careers community is now live and available to the public! To get started, be sure to head over to the careers community and join, then check out the Announcements tab to learn how the community will work :)

Excited to help this community fill open positions, find new opportunities, and connect with each other even more! See More
Start by creating a new thread in this community under the "What's on your mind, [your name]? section".

Depending on if you are looking or sharing an open opportunity, please follow the following format

To post an open opportunity at your company, please include: A brief description of your company Any links to your website and/or a job description What the ideal candidate may look like Who/How to apply or contact you about a new role Any additional info someone should know To post about yourself, please include: A brief background about yourself Any links to your portfolio or resume Any references you may have How to contact you about potential opportunities Any additional info someone should know There are no limits on the kind of job... See More
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Hi all,

Has anyone else taken the Data Integrations Certification course yet in HubSpot (I think it may be Partner-only).

I thought it did a good job of covering the topic and answering some lingering questions I've had broadly about data integrations in HubSpot.

I also liked the new style of the "taking a break to review what you've learned" that was more standardized than some of the older certification courses.

There's also some good humor in the exam itself (which I always appreciate).

What was your impression of it? See More
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When launching a new YouTube channel is our primary objective to get subscribers? How many subscribers do we need in order to be able to earn the added functionality to push viewers to our company website?

Should we also have CTA‘s for likes and alerts? Or should we just focus on adding subscribers initially?

Also, what best practices do you suggest for CTA’s for us to maximize getting subscribers to our YouTube channel? Any specific techniques, tricks or tips you can suggest? I’m all ears. See More
If you like to do fx first like color correction, you can totally do that and get those all set before continuing on to do the actual edit - and to make sure you aren't slowing down the playback, you can toggle all those fx on and off easily (including cc on master channels)...
Did I know this neat little trick before last week? no thought I'd share in case anyone else could use it! (More to come I'm sure)

What're your tricks that should be obvious, but maybe could help someone else out? See More
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Video & SEO can be confusing. I found this breakdown really helpful for simplifying best practices.

Some of my takeaways were:

Make sure videos have dedicated pages User actions should be simple, not complicated to make it easier for Google to find your videos Simple, but necessary, make sure your videos have "public" access

And, if you're using Vidyard, make sure to connect it to Google Analytics to learn more about viewing habits on your website.

Have a video SEO tip? Share it in the comments below! See More
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Just a quick item of consideration for people just getting started or those who are only in the first or second year of TAYA content protocols.

It took us 5 years to kick off the bonfire of revenue we are currently bringing in with a "spark" that was one blog post that started bringing real money around the three-year mark.

But, one of the most interesting things I have noticed about the posts that make us the biggest money is that the blogs we have created that generate big revenue, have some of the lowest clicks/views.

The majority of our most popular and most-read content is not the content that drives major deals.

Furthermore, the blog posts that are bringing in the big bucks, are very specific and usually ultra-focused on specialized... See More
Hey everyone!

I'm in the process of building out a lead management program between marketing and sales. To make it the best it can be, I would love to get any input or tips that the community has on what steps should be included.

From my side, I want to make sure that there are clear expectations for marketing and sales stakeholders and that we have a full understanding of what success looks like.

Look forward to hearing your feedback on this! See More