Ken Carson

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I've set a priority over the next 10 weeks to give back more and I could use some inspiration!

How are you giving back? What charitable organizations are you working with? Where should I be looking for opportunities?

It doesn't have to be anything huge, I just want to find a way to do more for others, and perhaps it'll push others to do the same.
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Ken Carson
We give back with our videographer.  We loan him to customers to create recruitment videos for their 911 centers.  911 centers across the US are very understaffed.  It is our hope that this will help them keep people in the seats without burning them out with massive overtime.  One center doubled their resumes coming in after one month of using the recruitment video correctly.  

Personally, I have been on the National Ski Patrol as a volunteer for 30 years or so. Lots of medical training and you have to be in shape, but it sure is nice to help out.  
Check out this article talking about the devices people are watching YouTube from. While mobile continues to be the top performer, connected TV is gaining ground!

Based on this info, I'm curious to hear your thoughts on these questions:

Does this change your approach to content creation? Typically, when we're making videos for platforms like this, shorter was considered better. But with Connect TV mimicking the experience of traditional viewing habits, should we change the way we approach creating video content?
Do you watch YouTube videos on connected TV? I know I do!
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Ken Carson
I absolutely watch YouTube on my TV.  Anything over about 10 minutes and is semi-educational is a much better experience on the big screen.