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Katy Hoagland
How many of you use video in your inmails using LinkedIn for lead gen? Do you get positive responses? I'm thinking about incorporating video into the very top of my sales process and would love your feedback :)
What better place to post this in than the Sales Professional community! IMPACT is hosting our Video Selling Bootcamp next Wednesday, February 3rd from 10-4pm!

The day is broken out into three sessions:

Will Schultz and Eric Dunn will help you add video to your sales process. Stephanie Baiocchi and Myriah Anderson will show you how to make a great sales email using video. Chris Duprey and Marcus Sheridan will show you how to close in a virtual selling environment
You can click here to check out the whole bootcamp agenda and use code SALESPRO when you register to get your tickets for $149 vs. $299.

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Katy Hoagland
Looks great! This is a virtual event, correct?