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Local Marketing That Drives Results!
We need to create (basically from scratch) our Training manuals and SOPs for virtually every part of our business. What are you all using as software (prefer non-monthly fees) to build out these kinds of systems? We actually love the platform and usability of IMPACT+, especially for the training side of things. What is it built on? We do see doing a lot of video. And creating graphics, and maybe even some interactive VR (AR) type things. We'd also love a quiz functionality on the training side as well. See More
John Bendever, Jr.
Dale Pease - We also use ClickUp, BUT not for SOPs and training....since we wanted tracking and signature level agreement, we chose to go with

It's AWESOME and geared toward SOPs, Training, etc than what you would have to build from scratch on ClickUp (which is totally possible)
I used this term a few months back with my management team, saying that 2021 was a year where we failed forward.

We made a lot of investments, took a lot of chances, placed some big bets. And a lot of them were wrong.

Had I not made that hire or two that didn't work out, I would have saved a lot of money.

Had I taken a little more time to critically think through an opportunity, I would have probably made a better decision.

Had I paid a little more attention to the right details, I would have noticed things sooner.

So yes, I failed. A lot, especially in 2021. It was not an easy year. We felt pain that we'll never allow ourselves to feel again and discovered roads we'll never go back down.

But every failure was failing forward.

Because two... See More
John Bendever, Jr.
Bob Ruffolo  THANK YOU for sharing this...sharing failures, even when moving forward is tough.  Thank you for the transparency...for me, it helps me to know I am not alone or weird, or hopeless. 
Hello, all.

Our company needs a trusted tech professional who can help with our domain setup. We need help with setting up DMARC and SPF properly. We have MX toolbox and Godaddy access.

Thank you for any recommendations! See More
John Bendever, Jr.
Hi  Mary Bernard  - if you're open to working with another member, I'd be happy to connect and help.  If you prefer someone outside I have a few trusted partners/colleagues I can refer you too
Hello! Not sure if this is the right place to post this but here we go!

I've been at my current company for about 2.5 years. Since I've been there, WordPress updates and WP Plugin updates have never been prioritized. I've been trying to fight to get them updated as I know it is a security risk and I understand it could break our website if they get TOO out of date.

I'm now in a position to make recommendations on how to move forward. The agency we currently use for website updates is charging $160 an hour and estimates that our WordPress + Plugin updates will take around 10 hours at the least - so around $1,600 total.

Once we get to that point, with everything updated, can I go in and perform the updates every week or is that risky? We... See More
John Bendever, Jr.
Hi  Lex Russell  - I know we do not know each other personally, but WordPress is how I make my are not necessarily stuck with them.  If you want to connect to share more details with me, maybe I can help guide you to a service that is far more economical and would (most likely) offer better results.
Hi we are searching for a partner to outsource our web design & development (HubSpot CMS).

Any recommendations?

Thank you

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John Bendever, Jr.
Martin Bredl  - we have a healthy white-label program...but it has been mainly focused on WordPress designs.  With that said, we are working with two Storybrand Certified guides building on Hubspot CMS for their clients and have started their projects.  Would be open to chatting with you about your needs.