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Greetings fellow IMPACT+ fam!

I am hoping that today finds all of you well. I just wanted to stop by and and ask, who here is into video games?

I have been a die hard fan of gaming since the age of 8. One of my major bucket list items was to someday create my own video game.

And, I just published it on last week!

What is really cool about this video game however, is not its present, but its past... You see the video game was a marketing campaign that I developed to sell copiers, printers and managed services for the company I used to work for.

When we became a platinum partner for Hewlett Packard, our sales rep asked me (I was both the social media manager and a full time sales rep at the time) if I had any out-of-the-box ideas for... See More
Joe Rinaldi
Nathan Dube You had me at "mega man meets office space". That's such a cool idea for a marketing campaign.

Connor DeLaney   Tom DiScipio  Should we see who can make it the furthest??
Hi everyone!

I posted recently about expanding our in-house marketing team. As part of that, it looks like we'll have the opportunity to add a part-time graphic designer sooner rather than later -- which is great news for our content marketing efforts. My plan is to have her work on layouts and designs for premium content, as well as things like infographics for blog articles and web pages. I'm sure having better visuals will help our content to have a bigger impact on our prospects.

Because this is going to be a big part of our inbound and TAYA strategy, I'd like to make sure she has a solid foundation in both of those concepts as soon as possible. I'm going to send her some articles from IMPACT and HubSpot about inbound and TAYA, and... See More
Joe Rinaldi
Sure thing Connor DeLaney !

Blake Cormier That's super exciting you'll be adding a designer to your team! I'm obviously a little biased but for starters just reading They Ask You Answer would be a great place to dive in. It's a quick read but as a designer it really helped me understand the "why" behind the designs I was creating and having that foundation allowed me to make sure I was creating designs that best supported the TAYA methodology.

In terms of getting some introductory inbound knowledge, I think HubSpot's Inbound Marketing Certification is a solid crash course. 

These two resources combined should give your new designer a really solid foundation of TAYA and Inbound Marketing knowledge plus they're relatively quick to get through. Hope this helps! 
The key to any good trip is knowing where you’re starting and where you’ll end up. With that being said, I’d love to hear about people’s experiences with building user journey maps.

Who out there has built a user journey map? Was it valuable for you? What was your process for doing so? What tools did you use? See More
Howdy and welcome to IMPACT+!

Please share your thoughts and questions here. And if you run into an issue, include a screenshot for reference :)

Looking forward to supporting y'all, have a great day! See More
Joe Rinaldi
I hopped into the meeting a little late, so you might have already explained this, but are we going to be adding any explainer content or video around the roadmap? I'm just curious how people who are coming here for the first time will understand how the roadmap works, why they're filling it out, and what it's helping them build towards.