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Higher Education Contact Center CEO & Owner. Working with higher education colleges and universities that want to grow.
Do you love the way your Cost article reads for your business? Would you mind sharing?
Looking for some great examples to inspire our article as we finish ours off.
Thanks in advance!
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Good day all,

With Q3 rapidly winding to a close, what was your biggest takeaway or win from the past 3 months?

Or, if there's still one more mountain you are aiming to climb before September closes, feel free to share that goal as well.

For me the biggest takeaway was that my investment in learning and the drive towards continual education paid figurative dividends in a big way. It also proved and cemented for that it'sso worthwhile and rewarding.

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Jennifer Goode
Honestly, I learned that the mental pressure I feel was mostly coming from the amount of mental and physical labor I do around my home to help raise my family, as a Mom and wife. When I got remarried and had a 3rd child at 40 I somehow took on 99% of the work (so much work that there wasn't any time to enjoy my kids and have fun). I have been doing a ton of research on how to get my partner to step up to meet me closer to 50/50 and its cleared a lot of mental headspace for me to focus on strategic planning and growth. AND it hasn't taken any more after work hours because during work, I can focus on And my evenings and weekends are...wait for it....mostly family! 
Dear IMPACT + Team,

I am writing everything down from the The Big 5 lesson. I am on lesson 2, but a lot of information that is overwhelming and based off what I am learning or trying to learn. I messed up and will need to start over from scratch.

The only question that remains is where do I begin. Not sure how to fix this. See More
Jennifer Goode
Hi, Jimmy! Do you have any interest in sharing a 1099 that could help us write our TAYA again? We are a Lead Gen/Contact Center with a decent amount of technical & consulting components. We may be able to find someone to help us both because I think there is a decent amount of overlap in between our topics. 
Hey Everyone,

I've been getting bombarded with VA agencies lately and took a call with one today. They are called The VA Group. I wonder if anyone has experiences they would like to share about hiring a VA and/or a VA agency?

Everything the VA Group said sounded great, but this is my first foray into using a VA, and I want to educate myself a bit.

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Jennifer Goode
I have used but needed in person support after buying a horse farm. For me, I had the best experiences when their employee felt like an extension of my company. This one person dedicated support to me directly, and to 2-3 other companies. I had the best success around 60 hours a month, but upgraded to as many as 100 at one point. The biggest challenge is, you and the VA don't always have complete control over whether or not they continue to work with you. As you can imagine, VA turnover is no fun.
Anyone here have experience with email10k system ( Alex Berman's approach to cold email)?
His YouTube is here:

I am trying to relaunch our cold email sequences but require a copywriter or agency with tons of experience writing short, engaging multi-medium cadences that book meetings to implement.

I have already posted on Fiverr and Upwork but haven't found what I'm really looking for.

Anyone have recommendations on how to source this specialized copywriting work?

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I've been hearing about a lot of businesses that once things start to open up post-pandemic, are transitioning their business to fully-remote permanently or a hybrid working model.

What are you doing?

Right now our plan is to bring everyone back over the summer and re-evaluate a hybrid model for the fall. Would love to hear what you all are doing! See More
Jennifer Goode
We have been remote since 2014 and now operate a contact center with contact center agents that are fully-remote, and about 25 employees. We haven't really had any bad experiences with WFH, not with employees that were the right fit for the role, etc. As far as background noise, about once a year we have a barking dog go crazy in the background while an agent is on the phone that we have to address with our client. Usually it's a delivery person that stirs the pet up at the wrong time! Anyways, I agree! Giving flexibility, gets flexibility - within reason. Also, I have a rock solid nanny now who is in control of this house while I work. But back in the day, I was not above locking myself behind a series of 3 doors sitting on the floor in my walk in closet when I absolutely knew silence was required on a sales call. Now with Zoom calls, I would imagine that be a lot more difficult to pull off! haha lol. 
Perhaps there’s many ways (I’d be in that boat as well) but what’s one thing that looking back to when you started on IMPACT+ you go, “wow, [insert year before joining] me wouldn’t have done that or recognize 2021 me.” In my case, I’ve noticed that IMPACT+ has helped me define the type of marketer I am, the type of marketer I want to be, and given me the confidence to go boldly forth in that direction. While that may seem broad, it’s permeated my professional life. A prime example is what I’m doing right now: I perhaps didn’t have the level of confidence before to start a conversation like this, share my thoughts on a subject, or weigh in to help others. 2021 Adam is more engaged and active in professional communities now which has... See More
Jennifer Goode
Wow, good question!  "May, 2017-Me" wouldn’t have assigned 5 books in the first 30 days for a new hire. I wouldn't have been able to identify all of the repeatable, scaleable patterns in our sales process allowing me to grow and scale our organization. And most importantly, 2017-me hadn't found her peeps yet! : )
I just hired our first Content Manager at Enrollment Builders and I am SOOO excited for her to get started here.

What are the top 3 things you wish your boss/company had done for you when you got started to make you more successful? I want to make sure she is able to reach her potential here! : )

Also, given all of our Impact's opportunities, what do YOU feel is the best way to introduce her to what is here and get her involved?

Jen Goode
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I hear a lot of people talking about StoryBrand throughout IMPACT these days and while I haven't yet read it myself, I was curious if this was a title a lot of people have read and implemented?

Share your thoughts below and if it seems worthwhile, I'm gonna add it to my bookshelf ASAP! See More
Jennifer Goode
I think you will love it, Connor! I highly recommend! 

Funny story - I don't know if Marcus is actively in the Impact+ community but I had asked Marcus how he thought that StoryBrand impacted the "They Ask You Answer" approach awhile ago or so and I tried to mail him a copy of the book to add to his list (I'm always mailing people books LOL). The people at the River Pools probably thought my Exec Assistant was crazy trying to get his personal address to mail the book, haha. I had totally forgotten about all that until I was writing this comment on your post! lol I'd still LOVE to know the answer! 

One of the things I love about the StoryBrand approach is "leading with empathy". If you are talking to your prospects about how you can help them "survive and thrive", prospects will burn less energy trying to figure out how you (and your company) fit into THEIR story. Clarity is ALWAYS a good thing! I love looking at various websites to see how clear (or unclear) what they do is. Its like the #1 thing I look at to determine if a website is done well after reading this book. (Don't check our website - because we haven't implemented any of this internally yet!)   : )
This topic came up on our last agency peer group call about how to make sure each person in the company is has clear roles and responsibilities - including the Agency Owner - I highly recommend getting the book Traction by Gino Wickman and using the EOS methodology to help achieve your personal and professional goals.

Here is a video about how to create an accountability chart -
The goal is to make sure as the Agency Owner you are in the Visionary seat and you have a people manager/integrator/services manager to run the business and execute on your ideas.

A question I get asked by agency owners a lot is "what will I do" when we are discussing moving their tactical roles into the time, like sales, marketing, services.
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Jennifer Goode
We started as an EOS org, love it! We have moved to "Scaling Up" with Verne Harnish and his book "Scaling Up" has a good chapter /process to follow to effectively allow leaders to peel of parts of their roles and distribute it to others. I loved this part! It compliments our accountability chart. The templates are called, "FaCE and PaCE" at this link. Check it out!  You can download the templates and learn more about the process here: 
You asked, so we answered! Here are the slides from my HubSpot Training Day talk with Stephanie Baiocchi


If you have any follow-up questions, hit us up in the discussion thread on this post! See More
Jennifer Goode
Any specific suggestions on using Slack notifications properly? We are considering introducing these for our contact center team for new leads or other workflow updates.
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Jennifer Goode
We are a Contact Center that follows up in an average of 2 mins. Typically what stands in the way for our potential clients is integration challenges. Sometimes it takes that long for the lead to get from SF, to HS for instance.