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Hey I'm a beginner designer, putting together beginner websites for small start-ups, but finding my customers are coming to me for the "content" more than the design.... and wanting something extra "cheap". I've been trying to convince a number of businesses the value of starting a blog and addressing their customers questions for a while now, but have been gaining no traction. I'm excited to be here and love the content so far! I am wearing far too many hats, diluting my own impact so very keen to find ways to work more effectively. 
Yeah, literally. I fell on my face back at IMPACT Live 2019 and I fell again this weekend.

But I fall metaphorically way more often than I fall literally. Okay, somewhat more often.

Sometimes when I work really hard on a campaign, optimizing copy and tweaking button text for days (or weeks), it can be really hard to see it totally flop.It always makes me feel a little better to commiserate with others who understand before I pick myself back...
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Hey Stephanie, I don't know if I was born this way, but I never see myself as failing when I've put in a decent effort. The only time I feel I failed was when I didn't give something a go.
You know the saying, "75% of success is just showing up" ... usually attributed to Woody Allen I think. I really believe that's true. 

So good on you for putting in such a great effort! You're in the sandpit playing hard, and when you think about it, all of life is unpredictable. We never know the outcome and we're going to be surprised... it would be boring if it always went the way we expected. 

By the way, just finished listening to your course, and it was fantastic. I can see you're great at what you do.

I'm the sort of person who when I'm being creative, I don't judge, I just nudge it all in the direction I want it to go. Hahaha. I'm going to attribute that last quote to me... 

"Don't judge, just nudge (in a different direction)."