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I'm curious, how do you keep track of your most important tasks?

Do you have a software you love? (We use ClickUp here at IMPACT!)

Do you stick to the paper checklist method? (I personally stick...to post-it notes, get it?)

I feel like midday on Tuesdays is when I tend to stray away from focusing on my most important tasks and get sucked into little things. So I figured this is a good time to talk about staying focused and keeping those priority items at the top of the list!

One of my favorite pieces of advice is to "do the hard thing first." So sometimes, I'll take the most challenging thing on my list and focus on knocking it out. Then, everything after it is easier!

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Harley VanDyke
Kristen Grau  told me about Trello & I love it!  

Hello all, at my TAYA client we have a content creation process in place. The SME's (sales and engineering) get interviewed and the articles are created; there are several moments where the SME's can give feedback. The article then goes into the ready for publication folder after everyone has approved the final version.

We are now running into the situation that the SME will give feedback and ultimately approve the article. But then when it's published they come with changes to it again. Any tips, or ideas on how to handle this?

It frustrates the process yet we want the SME's to stay on board and at the same time not demotivate the writers.

Hoping to hear how you've (or would) handled this. Thanks in advance!

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Harley VanDyke
Yes, we have struggled with problems like this! Our own struggle had been not getting our SME to approve the article and facts being wrong. 

If they are approving it, what is it they are wanting changed after the fact? 
Are they small little changes that they are just nit picking or are they big enough that they are really another article? 
Following our Content Managers Mastermind discussion this month, we are looking to gather some examples of comparison articles that may or may not have stirred the pot a bit in your industry.

There are two different examples of articles I'd be looking for: Company vs company Product vs product Toss some links in the thread so we can build a list of comparison articles to reference and 'compare' how we approach comparison articles! See More
Harley VanDyke
This is the only one we have currently. We did it a while ago & I feel like we need it needs more. 
Hey Content Managers,
I'm working on a new lesson for IMPACT + and I would love some input from you all.
The lesson will be about how to proofread and edit blog content before publishing.

I want to hear some of your tips and suggestions for a smooth process that helps your content go from the messy first draft to the polished, educational gem that wows your audience.
Here are a few questions I have: What does your process look like between your first and final draft? How many sets of eyes typically review your content before it’s finalized? What is your biggest challenge in the editing and proofreading stage? What is one hack you can share that will make others’ lives easier when it comes to editing and proofreading? What are your favorite... See More
Harley VanDyke
What are your favorite tools for editing and proofreading?

I have found https://hemingwayapp.com/ to be very helpful. It's great at showing me where I might want to rewrite a section.