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Growing up I was the only kid in class that failed every single accelerated reader test. In the seventh grade, I was pulled out of English class because I was holding other kids back. I scored so low on the ACT there were only two colleges that would give me conditional acceptance. I never saw another English book until college. That was when I failed college English 5 times. Then about 15 years later I ran across the book below. I am not a reader at all. One reason is that I have an undetermined brain tumor that can sometimes impact my vision. The other reason is my ADHD really kicks in when I start reading. However, I managed to read They Ask, You Answer not once but five times over the last few years. I took the concepts of this book... See More
Hannah Woods
Wow, what a powerful story  Chris Greene !! This story is an awesome reminder that this work is so worth it. Thank you for sharing this!
I really struggle, personally, because when I find jams or playlists I really like, sometimes the music itself will distract me. For example, one time I started typing out the lyrics to Beyonce's "Irreplaceable" instead of, you know... the top content marketing tools I was writing about. Oops. See More
Hannah Woods
These are my go-tos including the ones you mentioned Connor DeLaney :

Airplane Mode 
Chillhop Groovy 2020 
Most of us probably have the update now and I'm curious what people think.

Initial thoughts for me are:

It feels zoomed in all the time The sidebars take up more screenspace than the actual feed I'll probably forget it even happened in a few months
What's everyone else think? See More
Hannah Woods
To be honest, I'm not much of a Facebook user myself so I feel like every time I do log on the UX is always different, so I would have to agree with your point about forgetting that it even happened in a few months haha

But I am also curious to hear what more regular users of the platform think about the updates! 
"Change happens slowly and then all at once" - Kevin Kelly, Futurist.

Working in a fast-paced industry (marketing & sales) with a rapidly evolving organisation (IMPACT) requires a measured temperament for change.

Like me, I’m sure you’ve reacted to change in a way that doesn’t align with your values and principles.

Self-awareness in these moments is how we learn to respond better to new ideas.

For more context, I've recorded this video just for y'all here at IMPACT+...

Here are my personal lessons on change at work:

While a few things are changing, most things stay the same Everything is born from change and most change will be good for me I get to choose how and when change affects me Most change happens slowly over time - It’s not as... See More
Hannah Woods
I couldn't agree more Chris!
Hey All - new member to the community! Starting our journey with the TAYA team and philosophy. Held our kick-off meeting last week. Scorecard completed - we're off to a good start with work to do. One of my assignments was to identify and share two tasks we are going to tackle immediately. Task one - Start Training up the Content Manager and the Videographer on staff. Task two - Attack the low hanging fruit (after the web throwdown today) with the Website UX. Excited to get moving! See More