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Certified TAYA Coach | Specialized in B2B Technology & Sustainability


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Is it a thing? Has this discussion come up before?

This question came up in an off-topic conversation in Cohort 9 when considering the challenges of solopreneurs taking on larger companies.

I'm curious, from the community and fellow cohorts before us if anyone has:

1. Has collaborated in a coaching engagement?
2. Has any interest in doing this?

If there were any interest, it would be cool if Impact+ could help shepherd the process in any way....
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Hannah Eisenberg
Hi @ Nate , I have been thinking about this a lot and I would love to trial it on a Hubspot or Video coach. The administrative stuff can all be dealt with (essentially they will act as a freelancer to 2-3 coaches that equally invest in their training and pay a comparable rate, agree on # of hours, etc.) but the only real issue I have is the curriculum. I am a what Chris calls "T" shaped coach towards content, but I lived and breathed Hubspot every day for the past 8 years. If I hire a video coach, I am not sure what to tell this person about what they will teach (other than the obvious, selling 7 etc.). I tend to overthink so maybe I am making things harder than they need to be...