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Happy Q2 friends! I've made it a goal in 2021 to read at least 4 books per month, and am making my list of recommended reads for Q2. Does anyone have a great book that they loved, either personal or professional development, or something similar that you'd recommend adding to my list? See More
David Little
Hey Kaitlyn Pintarich , thank you for starting this thread!

Here is the book I recommend to everyone every time.
  • Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win - This was written by Jock Willink, a former commanding officer in the Navy Seals. He talks about how to lead a team in all circumstances and that when your team wins, it's because of the team, and if they lose it is because of bad leadership. This has helped me a lot, I now view all team problems as my problem and take ownership. Not easy. But it's a must.

Hi there! I am pretty new to sales and would love to get recommendations on podcasts, authors, leaders, etc., that you find interesting. I want to immerse myself in any sales/marketing/organizational content that you think may benefit me. I am a big fan of works from Simon Sinek, Chip and Dan Heath, and Patrick Lencioni. Also, I appreciate any tips or advice you want to share with a "newbie". Thanks in advance! See More
David Little
Books to read: The Challenger Sale, Trusted Advisor and Coaching Habit. 
Sending the right amount of homework is something I struggle with a lot, often I ask myself am I sending too much or not enough.

In most follow-ups, I send 4-6 articles and 1 - 2 videos. The time commitment is about 45 - 60mins. I have never heard someone say it was too much, but sometimes I have people that do none of the homework, and we end up canceling the meeting to never hear from them again.

Does anyone have a rule of thumb they follow or ever heard a prospect say "that is overwhelming."

I would love to hear what everyone else is doing and if anyone as found a perfect formula. See More
What is everyone doing to make traction during these odd times? I personally use a ton of video, but curious if there are any other best practices people are using to get their outreach seen!

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David Little
Making all outreach personal and helpful. No one ever wants to be "sold" but everyone wants to be helped.