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Author, Speaker, CEO, Crotchety Old Geek
We've got a team putting together what I (think) is great content for our organization, but I'd welcome some feedback? This is our first serious (we did some soft funny videos first) video we created. We've actually created a pretty full pipeline (I think there are 15-20 video projects underway), but I'd love some non-geek (we're in the IT services world) feedback if possible:

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We have two local competitors that recently sold to large national companies. Their URLs are now forwarded to the giant company's websites. I am looking for a way for buyers to find our company when they are searching for the local companies that sold their businesses. What is the best way to do this? How can Baron come up in a search when buyers are searching for the sold company's old brand that no longer exists? How can Baron Payroll come up in a search when the buyer is searching for Ace Payroll, NY? See More
Bob Coppedge
Winnie, great idea. I think discussing the value that competent and engaged local ownership brings to the table (McDonalds burger versus...) is great positioning. This is especially true since the clients of both purchased companies originally had that "local kick" and are probably a bit concerned about being considered one of the "billions and billions served."
This was brought up by a sales rep in a workshop today, and it’s not the first time I’ve heard it.
In fact, I’ve heard this dozens of times.
Here’s the thing though: is that really true?
Does a sales rep become obsolete if they address a buyer's questions and concerns outside of a meeting?
Do we appear less helpful if we let content do a bulk of the teaching?
I don’t think so. And I haven’t seen any evidence to back that up.
Here’s what actually happens…
When you, as a sales rep, make sure a prospect takes the time to consume helpful and truly unbiased content…
You establish yourself as a trusted guide You make it less about you, and more about the customer making a decision on their own terms You make their buying process... See More
Bob Coppedge
This is a quick video I did back in 2020 about that same question. Mind you we were primarily posting and pushing it on LI so not much in the comments/views side of things. But it tells the story about a salesperson at a sunroom company I used to be CIO of "back in the day" and addresses this very issue (obviously very pre-TAYA for me):
So, we're taking the TAYA plunge and hiring our first Content Creator (we implemented Story Brand last year and think this will compliment that nicely). We're in the IT field (Managed Service Provider), and I do want to keep the position local (hybrid, but some here). We're located in NE Ohio. Finding someone in the community hear interested in the position would be amazing, but I suspect unlikely.

That said, I would appreciate feedback on hiring for the position. We're pretty good on content development (daily videos on LinkedIn, written 3 books, relatively frequent speaker, etc). And I've got a great if not small Sales and Marketing team.

I've posted the position on Indeed and LinkedIn, and would appreciate any feedback (and if this... See More
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I'm someone who loves to read business, leadership, marketing, and overall Professional books 24/7 however I've been challenging myself to read other books recently to try to balance things out and not burn myself out on professional reads.

The two books that I've been really enjoying are Billy Martin: Baseball's Flawed Genius & The Bomber Mafia.

So I'm curious, what books have you been reading that are moreFunreads vs. Professional? How do you keep yourself balanced?

Allison Melnik , Chris Duprey , Chris Marr , Greg DeVore , Kaitlyn Pintarich , Tony Paille I know y'all are readers, share some titles! See More
Bob Coppedge
If you like Neil Gaiman, Audible has 2 Sandman "adventures" that are full dramatic pieces with Gaiman being the narrator, along with James McAvoy , Kat Dennings , John Lithgow and more. They're each about 12 hours or so long.