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We have started incorporating graphics into all of our videos and have seen a dramatic increase in sales right after the client watches the video. This video got this vendor to send multiple deals to him. What graphics are you guys including in your videos that have been helpful? See More
Austin Mock
Nice work,  Bryan Paulson  !  I really like how they add to what you are saying, keeping the viewer engaged. They aren't distracting and they support the message well!
Hi gang,

Here are a couple of vids we have worked on the last few months any feedback appreciated.

Product promotional vid.

A couple of Customer journey vids

and one for raccoon

Thanks J See More
Austin Mock
Hey Justin Hopes , nice work on all these videos! I love how what you guys do makes it easy to have fun visuals. Here’s some feedback I have on the technical side:

In the product video, I loved that you added photos for the b-roll to enhance what he is talking about. However, some of the photos went so fast I didn’t have time to get a good look at them (for example, the images at 1:09). You might be able to start that sequence around 1:05 and let each picture have a bit more time. I thought the Sharpie example at 2:05 was a good amount of time for me to take in the image.
I also really liked how you showed how fast and easy it is to set up by having him do it in real-time!

For the rest of the videos, the only feedback I had was to try to get the subject’s head framed higher. I think you had really great backgrounds for the customer journey videos, but maybe try playing with camera heights/angles and having the subject stand further from the truck so that you can keep the great background, but also have the subject’s eyes higher in the frame. I usually try to use the “rule of thirds” and keep the eyes along the top line in the frame.

Great work with what you have been doing! I enjoyed watching your videos! These are some pretty small details, but they should help make your videos even better in the future.