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Why have gender roles when you can have pizza rolls?

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Stephanie Baiocchi is the Director of Community & Events at IMPACT and absolutely loves connecting with people and building relationships. She has a passion for creating engaging experiences in person and online. Stephanie has been using HubSpot for 8 years across a variety of industries on the client and agency side and a co-leader of the Chicago HubSpot User Group. As the winner of IMPACT's 2017 Social Butterfly Award, Stephanie loves sharing experiences on a variety of social networks and creating relationships through branded social accounts.

Outside of IMPACT, Stephanie loves photographing weddings, trying new restaurants with her wife, doing puzzles and taking her dog Penny to the park. 
I recently finished reading Oren Klaff's book Flip the Script and it's been on my mind for days as I tried to separate the useful bits of strategy from the stories and examples that made my blood boil. (His other book, Pitch Anything, is still on my list...)

Which got me wondering a few things...
1. Have you read this book? Did you feel the same way? Is it just me?
2. What's the worst business book you've ever read and why? How about the best?

Also, anyone want to weigh in on a few other books I have on my list to read? I'm considering: Think Again (Adam Grant) Game Thinking (Amy Jo Kim PhD) Hooked (Nir Eyal) A World Without Email (Cal Newport) Badass (Kathy Sierra) Gameify (Biran Burke) The Forever Transaction (this one was just delivered... See More
Friends, what Chat feature do you use on your website? What do you love? What feature do you wish it had?

We use Hubspot right now for the chat on our site, and I'm not thrilled. Looking for alternatives!

Thanks! See More
Stephanie Baiocchi
Oh man, I used HubSpot chat for the longest time and finally gave up. It works for small, basic things but it really is just not where it needs to be. I do like Drift but it depends on your needs, as Connor said. The app is great and responding is much easier. 
I'm hearing a lot about this book since its release earlier this week as it's seen as the sequel to Radical Candor.

Who has picked it up already? Has anyone finished it already?

Let's get the discussion started.

Also, if you are curious, here's a link to pick it up for yourself!
Allison Melnik and Stephanie Baiocchi I know you both have been on the Just Work train since it first left the station. Would love your thoughts so far! See More
Stephanie Baiocchi
I am loooooving it. I'm about halfway through!
We are T-minus 6 days away from the Website Optimization Summit.

Who are you most excited to see speak at the event?

Are you planning on joining us for some awesome networking lounges between sessions?

Who is bringing snacks??

These are the questions we can't wait to hear from you about (at least the first 2 haha)!

See More
Stephanie Baiocchi
I am of COURSE bringing snacks! Haha already thinking about making some trail mix?

And I previewed Oli's keynote this weekend and let me tell's FANTASTIC! You're gonna love it.
My friends at Termageddon shared an article covering the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act last week. I love that states are taking it upon themselves to protect residents' data but I'm starting to get overwhelmed by all the laws out there and can only assume more are on the way.

I'm thinking about creating some sort of spreadsheet/table that has all the laws, the required privacy elements, and putting Xs on the ones that apply for each law. That way I can easily cross-reference my content to see if I've covered all of my bases.

I know Termageddon automatically updates our privacy policy accordingly with laws like this but that only works if we also update our practices if needed.

Anyone else have great ways of keeping track of... See More
To give them the opportunity to say, yes we found someone else for example, instead of not responding at all See More
Stephanie Baiocchi
Hey Cathy! I believe you're referring to Marcus's lesson on using assignment selling in follow up conversations. If so, he says to address an issue or concern the prospect had instead of simply saying "are you still interested?" The example he gave was to have the subject be "In regard to {insert concern}..." and then in the email say when we spoke previously you mentioned {concern} and I created this video for you and your team and I'll follow up with you tomorrow to get your feedback. This gives them the opportunity and encouragement to reply either way. 
What are your thoughts about product demonstration videos embedded in blog post from competitors, specifically in a B2B/Manufacturing context. There is so much awesome content pre-made in our industry (packaging machinery) from competitors.

I know it may seem counter-intuitive, but honestly, how often are you in a blog post, watching an embedded video, deciding you want to buy the product and instead of going to "contact us" or hitting the CTA, decide to follow the link to the YouTube page?

In this instance, I am thinking of using a competitors video which illustrates the difference between three different packaging materials. In it, a man is showing each material being used and how they are different from each other. The materials in the... See More
Stephanie Baiocchi
Great question  Nathan Dube I just had this experience when I was buying windows! They had videos on their site from competitors and I actually found myself wondering "did they not know this stuff themselves?" but that's probably because since I'm in this job I'm super-aware of it. I bet other people wouldn't notice. 

That being said - I think some context above the video like "here's a video made by X company that we love because it does a great job showing..." then I'd watch it without a second thought AND know you've added credibility by sourcing the best video out there for me. 
Good afternoon videographers,

I've been a bit of a ghost on this platform, but I'm hoping one of you or some of you would grant me your wisdom with a dilemma I am having.

I've been dealing with a heavy surge of losing subject matter experts before I even get them on camera. Most have stated they feel overwhelmed from simply reviewing the outlines I've sent them and bow out just before our scheduled time to film. It has been about three weeks of really digging in and trying to find people to be on camera and I am becoming exhausted.

Part of myself is wondering if I'M doing something wrong.

Has anyone else fallen victim to this problem? How were you able to get out of this hole? How did you build a steady base of subject matter experts who... See More
Stephanie Baiocchi
Hey Jameson, I'm so glad you shared this because I'm sure you're not the only one struggling. I bet there are some other folks here who can share their experience but in the meantime I'd recommend checking out this recording of  Alex Winter 's talk on how to get the most out of your on-camera talent: (this helps with scripting, rehearsal, and more). 

Also, have you taken time to educate your SMEs on the process ahead of time, why creating this content is so valuable, etc. to get their buy in? If they're not on your level then that's definitely the first place to start. 

Finally, you may want to encourage your SEMs to watch  Liz Moorehead 's talk on how to be confident on camera: 
If you've read Ron Tite's book Think Do Say I'd love to know what your big takeaways were or what really stuck with you from the book?

I'll share my thoughts in the comments...maybe in a video!

I'll happily set up a Zoom for a couple weeks from now if we want to get together to discuss it, too. Maybe a little pre-holidays book club happy hour? See More
Most of us probably have the update now and I'm curious what people think.

Initial thoughts for me are:

It feels zoomed in all the time The sidebars take up more screenspace than the actual feed I'll probably forget it even happened in a few months
What's everyone else think? See More
Stephanie Baiocchi
ughh I hate it. It's so in your face and just.. big. Calm down, Facebook!
Is anyone else wondering: How the heck can I show my team that our They Ask You Answer Content is driving revenue for my organization??

I get this question ALL of the time!

So here's a HubSpot strategy to help you show your team that TAYA is driving revenue at your organization:
Check out this video:
Here are some TAYA campaign naming structures that the IMPACT HubSquad recommends: Assignment Selling -- TAYA Cost and Pricing -- TAYA Comparisons -- TAYA Problems -- TAYA Best of -- TAYA Reviews -- TAYA
What do you think? Could this work for you and your team? See More
Stephanie Baiocchi
Oooh yes I love keeping things organized like this. I personally am a big fan of putting [TAYA] in brackets. Not sure why but it feels cleaner to me haha but yes, I love this!
Impact folks, looking for advice on how to break-up and tackle the Visual Sale book with my team. We have it in our hands and are ready to dive in as a team! Thank you! See More
Stephanie Baiocchi
Hey  Kaitlyn Pintarich ! I love this :) I whipped through the book over the last two nights and here's how I'd break it down: 

If you don't have a ton of buy in for video - read the intro and Part 1 and then meet to discuss. Yes, it's only like 20 pages but it's a LOT packed into a short segment. 

If you do have at least some buy in for video - read Parts 1-4 and then stop to discuss. Key things to cover:
  • What does doing "whatever it takes" look like for your organization? (From Tyler's story)
  • Review the 4 E's 
  • Think about how you can answer questions visually (what can you show?) vs just reading a blog
  • Differences between YouTube and video for social / awareness stage content vs. thought leadership

Next read parts 5 and 6. Key things to discuss: 
  • What needs to be in your consideration and decision stage content? 
  • Which example relates mostly closely to something you can try?
  • How can you use video post-sales? Are you creating fans of your content? 

Last, read part 7 and discuss how you'll apply this to your organization and who will own video/be the in-house videographer. 

Hope that helps!
Prioritizing is huge when we all have so much on our plates.

If you step back, what's the one thing you want to accomplish this week that will have the biggest impact on you and/or your organization?

It can be something big like launching a new product or something smaller like an important 1:1 with your manager.

Whatever it is, I want to see what everyone is working on and who knows, maybe we can help make it happen! See More
Stephanie Baiocchi
Kendra Ellis ah I actually don't know of anyone. I always just used  Nick Salvatoriello   hahah but  Alex Winter  may know someone!
Stephanie Baiocchi - Your email marketing course during HubSpot Training Day was great. I have a couple of questions I'm hoping you can help me with.

We send HubSpot marketing emails to enterprise, B2B customers. We see a multiple open tags to multiple recipients at the same domain at the same time, leading us to suspect this is a corporate spam/security screen thing going on. How do we know when and if a human is actually opening and consuming the email?

Also, how do you know that someone's email got stuck in spam? Is it shown in the performance tab? I can see if they mark the email as spam, but I'm referring to the email being stuck in their junk filter or spam quarantine. See More
Stephanie Baiocchi
Jill Lahman thank you!

Your question about seeing a lot of opens at one domain at the same time is a great one. If multiple recipients from one company all appear to be opening it at the same time it is likely just what you said - a security filter. There are some tools out there to help with this but in HubSpot I would say first, exclude that domain from your reporting on your email performance. Second, if it's consistently the same domain or set of domains you may want to send a copy of the email to them separately so you can still get an accurate measure of your open rate on your original email. When the bots are clicking links to test too, this becomes more complex but if they're just opening it then you can judge by clicks for true performance of the email. While open rates do matter - deliverability and engagement are also important so look at all 3 with and without those domains included.

As for your second question, there's no way to see this in HubSpot because the email is still considered "delivered" as it did land somewhere in the inbox. My best advice is to focus on achieving high engagement with your emails and if people are consistently not opening your emails, exclude them and bring them into a re-engagement campaign. If that doesn't work you probably are ending up in spam (or the recipient just isn't using that inbox anymore). If that's the case, it's probably best to opt the contact out or remove them completely. They can always resubscribe themselves and this may actually get your emails back into their inbox! 

Our friends at Seventh Sense can help with this! I use their engagement lists to help with this in my email.

I hope that helps! These are definitely two things that do not have simple solutions but are important to pay attention to!
Today, we're very proud to release some pretty huge improvements here at IMPACT+. The way we think of IMPACT+ is that it's a learning community. Over the last 6 months, we're released a ton of learning materials to help you develop digital sales and marketing mastery, and today, we're rolling out an improved system for you to co-learn, meet and engage with peers, support each other, and grow together. We hope you enjoy these new social features of IMPACT+, and I promise you, we have A LOT more on the backlog to continue to help you grow and have a great experience in IMPACT+. See More
Stephanie Baiocchi
I love these updates!! So excited for new ways to engage :)