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HubSpot Users Mastermind
Lead by  Carina Duffy
HubSpot is one of the most reputable and sought-after CRM platforms for businesses of all sizes, especially when they are implementing They Ask, You Answer.  However, with all of its features and capabilities, it can be an extremely dense tool to learn and understand when applying to your organization’s needs. That is why we created the HubSpot Users Mastermind Group! Co-led by IMPACT HubSpot trainers Carina Duffy and Jessica Palmeri, the HubSpot Users Mastermind is designed to help any HubSpot users, beginner or veteran, learn how to maximize the tool. From platform best practices to new product features, our experts have every base covered when it comes to getting the most out of HubSpot. Want to join the HubSpot Users Mastermind Group? Upgrade to IMPACT+ Pro or purchase a Mastermind Group seat!
32 members
Meets Monthly
Executives Mastermind
Lead by  Bob Ruffolo
Running a business that is using They Ask, You Answer is difficult. The coordination and collaboration of all teams across the organization is tough on top of all the other day-to-day needs of the organization. That’s why connecting and learning about the successes, failures, and learning opportunities from other business leaders is a critical part of business success when it comes to They Ask, You Answer.  IMPACT Founder & CEO Bob Ruffolo leads a group of business leaders from across all industries as they explore what it takes to lead in today’s business landscape and to be successful in using They Ask, You Answer. Want to join the Executives Mastermind Group? Upgrade to IMPACT+ Pro or purchase a Mastermind Group seat!
57 members
Meets Monthly
Video Creators Mastermind
Lead by  Lindsey Schmidt
We create visual content. We "show" the thing. We educate our buyers and prospects on how to make the right purchase decision for them. We help our teams use the video content we create. We get our teams excited about being on camera and creating videos that generate results for your business We are no longer just videographers. We are video educators and we do it through creating great They Ask, You Answer content.  If you are a video educator, videographer, video editor, or simply interested in creating video content for your organization, the Video Creator Mastermind Group is where you need to be.  Join a robust group of video educators led by Video Trainers Lindsey Schmidt and Devon McCarty as we work together to conquer the world of video. We will explore topics including the basics of creating video content, how to empower your team to be the best educators on video, advanced filming and editing techniques, and more! Want to join the Video Creators Mastermind Group? Upgrade to IMPACT+ Pro or purchase a Mastermind Group seat!
33 members
Meets Monthly
Content Managers Mastermind
Lead by  Connor DeLaney
So, you are creating They Ask, You Answer content. You know the Big 5 content topics, sales enablement content, traffic-generating content, all of which are, or at least should be, driving results for your organization.  The thing is, you might be the only one at your organization writing content and while it all makes sense to you, the rest of your team just don't seem to be catching on or, even worse, you're feeling like you're on your own little content island. Yeah, us too.  That’s why we created the Content Managers Mastermind Group!  This group of content experts (a.k.a. word nerds) gets together each month to share our content stories and experiences so we can learn about and grow our content strategies. We explore topics ranging from interviewing subject matter experts, scaling up your content strategy, empowering your organization to fall in love with content, developing a sustainable content strategy, our favorite tools and tactics for writing our best content, creating SEO-driven content, and more! Want to join the Content Manager's Mastermind Group? Upgrade to IMPACT+ Pro or purchase a Mastermind Group seat!
71 members
Meets Monthly
Agency Leaders Mastermind
Lead by  Clodagh Higgins
The agency world moves fast and requires you to adapt and evolve your strategies regularly in order to stay ahead.  It also brings a unique set of challenges and obstacles compared to running businesses in other industries.  That’s why we created the Agency Leaders Mastermind Group! Led by Agency Coach and They Ask, You Answer Certified Partner Program leader Clodagh Higgins, the Agency Leaders mastermind group will help you develop your offerings, position yourself, and build a sustainable team around you so you can execute the goals of your agency.  Topics will include organizing your staff, delivering client success with your products, evaluating your agency’s long-term health, and more!   Want to join the Agency Leaders Mastermind Group? Upgrade to IMPACT+ Pro or purchase a Mastermind Group seat!
13 members
Meets Monthly
Sales Professionals Mastermind
Lead by  Chris Marr
The role of the sales professional has changed. What used to be a siloed approach between sales and marketing has now become a coordinated effort between both teams.  In order for that coordinated effort to succeed, you have to be effectively implementing They Ask, You Answer. That’s why we created the Sales Professionals Mastermind Group! This group, led by They Ask, You Answer coach Chris Marr, is designed to help you adapt to those changes and overcome the new challenges of being a modern sales professional with They Ask, You Answer.  Topics will include implementing assignment selling and video content into your sales process, hosting valuable virtual sales calls, generating sales enablement content, collaborating with your marketing team, and more! Want to join the Sales Professionals Mastermind Group? Upgrade to IMPACT+ Pro or purchase a Mastermind Group seat!
36 members
Meets Monthly
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