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Working on local SEO performance? This report from Whitespark is for you!

Posted December 7, 2021 in
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Connor DeLaney

"If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original."

Kevin Church , IMPACT's Director of SEO, shared this fantastic report from Whispark detailing the main factors that drive local SEO results for your business! 

It also dives into the top SEO myths regarding local SEO including geo-tagging images and certain Google My Business keyword drivers. 

This report goes super in-depth and I encourage anyone who has showrooms or specific service areas to review it and make sure you're maximizing the opportunity! 

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Dale Pease
This touched a couple of times on Business Addresses in GMB pages, versus Service Area Listings. As a user, I am much more interested in seeing a map that shows the service area of someone I want to do work for me, than an address of their office (if they are coming to me.) But, if I'm reading this right, some folks seem to think using a business address instead is more important to ranking locally. Anyone have any insight into this?
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Connor DeLaney
Kevin Church you originally sourced this report, would love your input plus  Franco Valentino  for some additional technical expertise! 
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Franco Valentino
Dale Pease - both are important.  Making sure that your listing NAPs are precise and distributed to all of the local databases that search engines/Google pull from is important.  We usually recommend using Brightlocal or yext for that.  The service area map is equally important from a UX/self-service point of view.  One company that does this very well is retrofoam.com.  Check out their dealers page: https://www.retrofoam.com/dealers
Dale Pease
Thanks. What I'm really talking about here is the Google My Business listing. If you look at the Cincinnati Retrofoam page on GMB you will see they have their address listed.  Whereas, if you look at our Cincinnati Franchise on GMB you will see their service area, with no specific address listed. Google will not allow you to have both.  But many sources seem to say the Address is really important for Google showing your business high in their results, but the Service Area is more useful from a customer standpoint (IMO.)

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