Who is your second set of eyes for content review?

Posted July 7, 2021 in
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Connor DeLaney

"If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original."

A quick story on not asking for help when it comes to editing

As ALL of you may have noticed, yesterday I sent out an email with a typo in the subject line that was, well, pretty darn obvious. While ANNOUNCEMENT is absolutely on my list of "words I don't like typing", the real issue that came from my mistake was attempting to rush something out without listening to that voice in the back of my head telling me to have someone look it over for me.

Coincidentally, I got three messages from my team within five minutes of it going out saying they spotted the error and wanted to make sure I saw it too. Each one of them followed up with, "You can always send it my way if you need a second set of eyes!"

In my Cave of Shame (Trademark, all rights reserved), it got me thinking about why I didn't just send it to my team to look over quick. Did I need to send it out that moment or could it have waited two minutes to go out? In all honesty, I didn't find an answer other than that I should have just sent it to my team and sent the email 5 minutes later. 

My takeaway: Always have someone to give your work a second set of eyes. It's so easy to miss something little that can quickly be fixed and those little fixes make the difference in providing value. 
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Liz Moorehead
Oh, Connor. You know HOW many times I have been in your exact position. The only advice I can offer is this. In the moment and from your point of view, the mistake ALWAYS is much much worse seemingly than it actually is. Yes, have those QA measures in place. AND give your space to be human. It happens. :) 
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Connor DeLaney
But  Liz Moorehead  how will my perfectionist complex ever recover?! You're right though, plus, sometimes those typos get people's attention on purpose (that's the story I'll tell myself anyway 😉 )
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Paul Simbulan
Hello, Connor. I actually glossed over this typo and only realized it after reading your post. I've committed similar errors in opening sentences, subject lines, and even CTAs. One subject line was so bad the client had me resend the whole newsletter to a few thousand contacts to avoid embarrassment.
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Connor DeLaney
I sent myself two test emails to make sure and still didn't catch it, which I guess makes it super sneaky. Plus, I'm sure most of our brains skimmed over it/filled it in! 

I've definitely been there regarding resending emails because of that. Sometimes it's the right thing to do, other times it shows you're not just a robot :) Appreciate it,  Paul Simbulan !
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John Becker
We've all been there. Despite our best efforts, errors make it through sometimes!
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Connor DeLaney
Absolutely,  John Becker ! Those darn words can be sneaky.

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