What was your favorite YouTube update of all time?

Posted January 27, 2021 in
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YouTube is constantly changing as a platform. From small algorithm changes to large user experience changes, it seemingly never stops. Over the years of working on YouTube projects or consuming YouTube media, what update is your favorite? 
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Connor DeLaney
Chapters or sections (what's the official name?) have been monumental for me! Being able to get industry-specific news that I want to hear about is a great use for this. The other thing I do is use video tutorial sections and reference those specific sections later on. I think they'll grow in popularity over time as well into different spaces like gaming or entertainment as much as education and news. 
Lindsey Schmidt
I really like Chapters too! It's super intuitive with the Video 6 to use the segments as chapters
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Connor DeLaney
Absolutely! I know that even for content I consume who may not know the video 6, they still use a similar formula. It all makes sense!