What's Up This Week? March 6, 2023

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Hey HubSpotters, 

What are you working on this week? 

  • For those of you on HubSpot Enterprise, is this the week you do a deep dive into Customer Journey Analytics? 
  • Maybe you're adding a little color to your deal board with the new Colored Deal Tags BETA?
  • Getting more done with the Resolvable Comments BETA?
  • Are you stuck on something and need another HubSpot Admin to take a look? (this group is full of super-smart people - just ask!)
  • Are you doing a little HubSpot Portal Spring Cleaning before the end of the quarter?

If you need help...let us know in the comments. 
If you've got something amazing you're doing...let us know in the comments. 
If you discovered something cool in HubSpot...let us know in the comments. 

Have a great week.  
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Connor DeLaney
Fanny Kuhn   Hector Haines   Rich Clark   James Weber this could definitely be worth checking out, plus  Will Smith  is a great resource to tap into with HubSpot!
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Will Smith
I'll go first...

I started the morning with my usual Monday routine, until HubSpot completely blew my mind by introducing their ChatGPT powered AI tools. 🤯

Content Assistant - Get blog ideas, create marketing emails, generate blog outlines.

ChatSpot - connected to your HubSpot portal, you can: get status updates on your data (how many custom properties do I have?), generate reports, manage leads, prospect.

More information here and sign up for the waiting list.

But clear your schedule first...you'll go down a rabbit hole. 🐰
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Fanny Kuhn
This is a very detailed issue but we are struggling a little bit with removing test data from some of our reports, specifically form submission stats. We already excluded our internal email domains from email logging, but it seems like deleting certain form submissions (those that were used for testing forms) is not possible.. has anyone figured that out? Thanks! 
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Will Smith
Fanny Kuhn Great question.

It looks like HubSpot is still trying to figure that one out.

Check out the HubSpot community post and upvote the idea here. 

Removing test data from analytics has been a requested feature since 2017. Now that the idea has 779 upvotes, HubSpot has a status of "being reviewed" as of June 15, 2022. 

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Fanny Kuhn
Will Smith  thanks, yes hopefully they will add this feature soon. It certainly seems like many people need it! 
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Adam Barscewski
We are working on looking at ways to connect 5 different salesforce instances to our one HubSpot portal.
Will Smith
Adam Barscewski  sounds like a busy week!

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