What's the one thing you want to accomplish this week?

Posted November 2, 2020 in
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Connor DeLaney

"If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original."

Prioritizing is huge when we all have so much on our plates.

If you step back, what's the one thing you want to accomplish this week that will have the biggest impact on you and/or your organization?

It can be something big like launching a new product or something smaller like an important 1:1 with your manager. 

Whatever it is, I want to see what everyone is working on and who knows, maybe we can help make it happen!
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Jared (Jed) Coffin Fearon
Connor, pardon the dumb question...

Where do I sign up for Wednesday's 2pm content creators virtual peer group? I can't find the link to save my life.

Connor DeLaney
Hey Jared (Jed) Coffin Fearon , never a dumb question! You'll want to go down to the Virtual Peer Groups button on the left-hand side. It's a blue icon that looks similar to a calendar. Within that page, you'll just click "Join" next to the Content Creators Virtual Peer Group then will receive an email invitation from me for Wednesday's discussion!
Jared (Jed) Coffin Fearon
Pardon the ridiculously late response.  Thank you.  Happy New Year.
Chris Bryant
Finish organizing my company's project management to Asana and CRM to HubSpot. From what we've moved over so far, we're LOVING it.

On a personal note, this week I'm also looking forward to complete my latest home improvement project: refinishing my hardwood floors. =D
Connor DeLaney
Wow, big week Chris Bryant !! 
Kendra Ellis
Finish all the content creation for the dealer portal we are about to launch in November! 

Which reminds me... Do any of you have a favorite voice-over referral company? I don't think the one I used when I was in the agency world exists anymore. 
Stephanie Baiocchi
Kendra Ellis ah I actually don't know of anyone. I always just used  Nick Salvatoriello   hahah but  Alex Winter  may know someone!
Chris Bryant
I've used voice123.com for years and love them. Super easy to find just the right talent for my projects. 
Connor DeLaney
That's so exciting  Kendra Ellis ! What's the launch date?

Also, that's a great question, not sure who we would go to.  Stephanie Baiocchi or  Vin Gaeta , any recommendations for voice-over referral companies? Feel like you two know someone for everything haha
Kendra Ellis
I took my peer group through it Tuesday and plan to reveal to the sales team at our meeting tomorrow at 8 am! After that time, my team will begin preparing the dealer network leading into Thanksgiving. 
Connor DeLaney
My one thing for this week is to come up with a 2-week promotional strategy for our upcoming Content Creation Bootcamp

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