What's something you did that surprised you recently?

Posted April 16, 2021 in
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Adam Stahl

I like to say that I put the "information" in information technology.

Good morning all,

What's something you've done recently that surprised you in a positive way?

For example, I recently began writing more frequently again. It's something I haven't done regularly and at scale for a while. I knew I have done it. I felt I could do it. But it was still a great feeling to actually throw myself into it again and feel like I was producing good work at scale.

Kind of like an athlete coming back from an injury and there's those initial few moments where they're not sure how their healed injury is going to hold up.

What's yours?
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Carina Duffy
I just finished reading a non-work, completely-for-fun fiction book (The Water Dancer) - I've always said that I'm "not a reader" but in this season of life I'm learning that I totally am! It's been such a great way to relax and decompress without being on a screen. I can't wait to start my next one :) 
Adam Stahl
Thanks excellent! What's on deck for your next one?

I feel seen in these 😂 for a while I was trying to be better at reading for funsies and I did for a little while but then I didn't keep up the practice.
Carina Duffy
I just started The Handmaid's Tale and have Daisy Jones and the Six on deck
Connor DeLaney
For a long time, mine was meditation and mindfulness practices. It was the last thign I thought I'd pick up, but once I did I couldn't stop for a number of months. I haven't made a consistent time investment lately to make that happen, however it's something I know I can come back to. 

I can't think of one right now, which probably means it's time to get started!
Adam Stahl
That's awesome that you discovered that practice and at least for a while found a method of it that worked for you! Also that you know since you've already carved out those tracks that you will be able to find them when you start practicing again.

We had that great session before the Website Optimization Summit. I told myself that I'd start a practice of meditation and mindfulness after that...and well not it's a month later...😅

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