What is the buyer's journey? (8 min video overview)

Posted December 15, 2022 in

Anj Bourgeois

Content Marketing Trainer for TAYA Clients

If you don't understand the buyer's journey, it will be difficult to move customers through it.

And if you can't move customers through the buyer's journey, less people will buy.

The video below is an overview of the buyer's journey:
- 3 models of buyer's journeys 
  1. HubSpot: Awareness, Consideration, Decision
  2. Eugene Schwartz: Problem Unaware -> ... -> Exploring our solution
  3. In Market / Out of Market
- The difference between the buyer's journey and the sales process
- What the zero moment of truth is (and where it happens in the buyer's journey)
- An example of how a roofing company may use the buyer's journey to focus the content they write.

Further questions could include:
- How do you prioritize content?
- Where does the big 5 fit in the buyer's journey?
- How do you best use content in the sales process?
- What does the typical sales process look like after filling out a form?

What's your biggest question or takeaway?
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Jake Jordan
This is SO good Anj. If you don't write this down for the WHOLE team to see then it's impossible to talk the same language. and things will continue to get missed. Thanks for showing us what it looks like :)

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