What is a Blog Publication Checklist?

Posted December 2, 2022 in

Briana Meisel

The way to achieve your own success is to be willing to help somebody else first - Seek to bless, not impress

You've written your heart out and you're ready to publish your 1st blog... but are you really ready? 🤔

How can you know? How do YOU, personally, know your blog is ready to go live?

Make a list of what a "ready to be published" article looks like to you.
⭐️ What needs to be on this list?
⭐️ Who is this article for?
⭐️ What stage in your buyer's journey would your intended reader be in?
⭐️ What would qualify as "not ready to be published," in your mind?

To help you create your very own "ready to be published" list, feel free to borrow mine --->  Blog Publication Checklist. Make your own copy and customize this to reflect your company and your tone. 

You should be able to say "this article is ready to be published," with pride and confidence... let this checklist be your guide.

Happy Writing 📝 🧡

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