What are your favorite ways of celebrating your SME's content (and your SMEs)? ✨

Posted March 15, 2021 in
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Adam Stahl

"The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones." —Confucius.

Hello all,

I was wondering what your favorite ways are to celebrate the content that your SMEs produce or help produce (as well celebrating your SMEs)? 🎆

I've been working with some new SMEs and getting more collaboration from others that had good experiences. I have some go-to tactics but I want to fill my celebration toolbox to the brim so I can best make them feel like the rock stars they are 🎸 as well as bring the deserved attention to the valuable content that they're helping create.
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Connor DeLaney
John Becker given that you work a bunch with our subject matter experts at IMPACT, how do you go about sharing the performance of content with them? 

Brandi Manuel and  Nika Hancock  how about you two? Anything specific you look to celebrate when you have a win with an SME?
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John Becker
Adam Stahl Great question!

At IMPACT, Ramona Sukhraj does send out a monthly "content wins" update to the whole company. When I work with an SME, I just try to be appreciative of their time and super efficient throughout the process. I also make sure to make them look their best in the content I produce. 

When they see a draft, they're typically very grateful that their name is being mentioned and their expertise is being solidified without them having to actually produce the content themselves!
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Adam Stahl
Thanks for the insights  John Becker  !
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Ramona Sukhraj
Yes! In our all-hands meetings, I also do a countdown of the top-performing articles from the previous period. It adds a nice touch of friendly competition to the content creation process while also showing our SMEs some appreciation. :)
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Adam Stahl
That's neat  Ramona Sukhraj  , thanks for sharing!

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