Virtual Selling (for sales and anyone customer-facing)

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Melissa Prickett

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If you are in sales, or even if you are just customer-facing, I encourage you to take IMPACT+'s course: Fundamentals of virtual selling

1. It's authored by the man himself - Marcus Sheridan (educational AND entertaining)

2. This course alone is worth the investment into IMPACT+ Pro

3. I get to be personally trained by Marcus and IMPACT's coaches and this course helped me realize:

     a. repetition helps
     b. I've forgotten a few fundamentals
     c. Even the most seasoned sales-professional can improve in a few key areas

So do yourself a favor and take one hour and 11 minutes out of your week this week to watch this course. 

Then practice with your peers and apply the basics to your sales calls. Your customers and your company will love you for it.

You're welcome,
Senior They Ask You Answer Advisor

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Mark Baratto
This is definitely a MUST!!

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