Vidyard vs. Hubspot for video

Posted January 26, 2023 in
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Hello everyone!

I have a question for you in case that you are or have been in a similar situation :)

At my company, we use Vidyard (integrated to Hubspot) as our main video server.
We are considering moving to Hubspot in the future, but we feel their video functionalities and interface are still really limited compared to Vidyard in terms of CTA, closed captions, chapters, etc.

Is there anyone here that uses only Hubspot and has some feedback about it? Does anyone know if they will be adding new functionalities anytime soon? 
I am also starting to create reports with the Vidyard - Hubspot integration, does anyone have experience with that? 
What would be -in your opinion – the metrics that I absolutely need to track?

Thanks a lot for the feedback! :)
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Connor DeLaney
The biggest question to ask here is: "What problem are you trying to solve with this video tool?"

For some use cases, these tools are 1:1 competitors. For others, they serve very different needs.

Our team put out this article that could be a helpful resource to dig into Clara Ferrando Costa : Vidyard vs. HubSpot Video: differences and how they can work together
In this article, there are additional resources on "What to know about each" in more depth :) 

Mandy York   Rolando Vega   Lindsey Auten Amy Garelick anything you'd add?
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Mandy York
Connor DeLaney   Clara Ferrando Costa Connor, that is a great place to start! Probably need to see exactly how it's being used to give a solid recommendation. Also might want to check out Video KPI's to track Course on IM+
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Lindsey Auten
Connor DeLaney I agree with what you and  Mandy York have already said. I know  Kyle Pape  has dealt with this, I'd love to hear his thoughts! 
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Clara Ferrando Costa
Lindsey Auten I would love to hear what  Kyle Pape  did! 
We have been testing and researching both tools, but we are still unsure. The main point here is that while Hubspot reporting capabilities are stronger than the Vidyard ones, the HB video interface isn't really developed yet to add CTAs, etc. We thought about using the Vidyard integration in Hubspot but also the features are very limited.