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Nathan Dube


What are your thoughts about product demonstration videos embedded in blog post from competitors, specifically in a B2B/Manufacturing context. There is so much awesome content pre-made in our industry (packaging machinery) from competitors.

I know it may seem counter-intuitive, but honestly, how often are you in a blog post, watching an embedded video, deciding you want to buy the product and instead of going to "contact us" or hitting the CTA, decide to follow the link to the YouTube page?

In this instance, I am thinking of using a competitors video which illustrates the difference between three different packaging materials. In it, a man is showing each material being used and how they are different from each other. The materials in the video are not branded. It's three types of clear plastic shrink film.
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Stephanie Baiocchi
Great question  Nathan Dube I just had this experience when I was buying windows! They had videos on their site from competitors and I actually found myself wondering "did they not know this stuff themselves?" but that's probably because since I'm in this job I'm super-aware of it. I bet other people wouldn't notice. 

That being said - I think some context above the video like "here's a video made by X company that we love because it does a great job showing..." then I'd watch it without a second thought AND know you've added credibility by sourcing the best video out there for me. 
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McKenzie Caldwell
If you don't have the ability to create your own videos right now, this could work. If you go that route, though, the main thing would be to get permission to use your competitor's content (look into copyright law - here's a link to the U.S. Copyright Office's ebook on copyright, but there are a ton of other resources out there). 

At that point, you could even do something similar to the competitor article Impact recommends. Just make sure you see how (or if) your competitor wants credit attributed. 
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Nathan Dube
 The catch 22 here is, we no longer have this equipment in house and in our 100,000 square foot warehouse for machinery we do have, our largest client has branded items EVERYWHERE and we are explicitly told not to show their logo in our content. Furthermore, we are doing selling 7 videos but when it comes to machinery and product demonstrations the elements mentioned above complicate this process greatly. 
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