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Aurelie Giard

Making serverless cloud technology more accessible

Hi everyone, I am new to this community, and I'd love to have your input.

As I listen to @Liz Moorehead's course "How to Build a Content Strategy", I am trying to figure out if I understand the topic cluster's concept well. As Liz explains, I need to think about what I want my company to be known for.

The website I am building is focused on one technology. Imagine that this technology is blockchain. My initial thought is, "okay, blockchain is my topic, and the subtopics are:
  • Use cases
  • Case studies
  • Products and vendors 
  • Pros and cons
  • Cost
  • Getting started
  • etc."
Then I realized that I would end with just one topic cluster. It looks like it's not what Liz suggests. 
If I consider a topic like "blockchain ecosystem", the subtopics would be:
  • Experts
  • Vendors
  • Product categories
  • Add-ons
  • Marketplaces
  • Media and resources
  • Etc.
Then I can think of another one: "Using blockchain" and maybe "Understanding blockchain."
But again, I am not sure of myself here. Any insights?
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Connor DeLaney
Brian Casey   Liz Moorehead   Jennifer Barrell   Jolie Higazi   Kevin Phillips Would love to hear your thoughts here for  Aurelie Giard !

Also, who else needs to be part of this conversation? 
Brian Casey
Hey Aurelie Giard !

First off - I'm so glad that you're asking questions because you're looking to implement a topic cluster.

When it comes to choosing a focal keyword/topic for a topic cluster the first thing I always do is go into SEMrush and search it. When I do that I see that "blockchain" has a search volume estimated at around 201,000 per month. It's a massive topic. In fact, it's so massive, that it'll be brutally hard to rank really well for. 

If I'm understanding you correctly you're wondering if you should do a broader and more general topic cluster (blockchain) vs. something a little more specific (using blockchain or blockchain technology), right?
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Aurelie Giard
Hi Brian! Thank you for your comment.                                                                       Yes, I am trying to do exactly that, figure out clusters to work on. Fortunately, my topic is not as popular as blockchain. I don't have a SEMrush account but here is what I could extract for free.
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The volume is much lower. It still says it's extremely difficult to compete. It is preferable to look for something more specific and easier? e.g. 
serverless benefits
serverless computing
serverless solutions
serverless challenges
serverless use cases
serverless functions
serverless lambda
serverless architecture
serverless database
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