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Posted June 1, 2022 in
We need to create (basically from scratch) our Training manuals and SOPs for virtually every part of our business. What are you all using as software (prefer non-monthly fees) to build out these kinds of systems? We actually love the platform and usability of IMPACT+, especially for the training side of things. What is it built on? We do see doing a lot of video. And creating graphics, and maybe even some interactive VR (AR) type things. We'd also love a quiz functionality on the training side as well.
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John Bendever, Jr.
Dale Pease - We also use ClickUp, BUT not for SOPs and training....since we wanted tracking and signature level agreement, we chose to go with

It's AWESOME and geared toward SOPs, Training, etc than what you would have to build from scratch on ClickUp (which is totally possible)
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