Tracking Sales reach outs before calling a deal dead

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Hi Hubspotters! I hope you are all so well. 

I am looking for an easy way to track sales reach outs in the sales process before calling a deal "dead". Is there a way to pull this data in an easily trackable form? 

1) You filled out a form to connect with us- automatically creating a deal in our dash
2) Sales reaches out to you with no contact on first, second, third, and so on times. 
3) Sales called deal dead and places in "Struck out"/closed-lost. 

I want to be able to see that we are making the appropriate amount of touches for first interactions and in between if possible (say going from qualified to proposal shared).

Make sense? Any suggestions?

Thanks for any help in advance!

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Connor DeLaney
Good point, it should be a contact created, but not a full deal. I really like  Carina Duffy 's comment regarding the sales activities and defining those activities really clearly to create a deal vs just track someone's progress. 
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