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We are looking to hire a company to help us develop our Standard Operating Procedures and Training Manuals. We'd love to have someone who has a good grasp on how to develop these procedures (being able to ask the right questions) and can help create written content, as well as video. We don't want this to just be busy-work but have a final product that can be used by both our existing franchises and new franchises, whenever they have a question about anything related to the operation of their business. Has anyone worked with companies that they would recommend?
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Connor DeLaney
Jennifer Goode I feel like we've talked about something similar to this before? You may also just know someone haha

Kaitlyn Petro or  Brie Rangel  anyone come to mind for you?
Kaitlyn Petro
Connor DeLaney I'm not sure of anyone who can help create SOPs, but when I created them for IMPACT, I used a combination of the principles in the books Traction (The Process Component) and The Checklist Manifesto. They both have some good tips on creating effective processes and checklists!
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Dale Pease
I can't seem to find the book: Traction (The Process Component). Do you have an author name?
Kaitlyn Petro
Dale Pease It's actually just called Traction. :) The Process Component is one of the sections of the book. Here's the link on Amazon. Hope this helps!

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