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We are a piano lesson studio. And we have a quiz on our site as the main call to action. They take this quiz to see if they are ready for lessons. We email them their results and show them their results on the next screen.

With this email we nurture them and send them email spread out over the next month. 

On the thank you page we offer them a free intro lesson. 

My question is should I have this quiz be gated at the end and allow them to go through to the thank you page without  providing their email. 

Or is is smart to ask for their email so we can follow up?

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Nick Bennett
This is definitely something I would test. I've launched self-selection tools ungated, checked engagement and abandonment, and then see how those numbers change after I gate them.

A free intro lesson is a great offer and something anyone looking for lessons would give up an email address in exchange for.

I'd also think about changing the KPI from "emails captured" to "free intro lesson claimed" or something. I've found changing my goal changes how I look to solve the problem.

You could have all the emails in the world but if no one claims a free intro lesson, then the leads are no good.
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Demitris Maddox
This far having it gated I have only seen a very small number of people take the quiz and abandon at the email part. 

Also they don’t know know that there is a free lesson waiting for them on the other side. Because they don’t know yet if they are ready for lessons yet. So they have to complete the quiz in order to get the results. 

So you would leave it I hated with no email, or would you make the email optional?

Nick Bennett
If your quiz completion to free lesson claimed conversion rate is good then you probably don't need to change anything. 

An option would be to take out the email requirement and only have someone enter it on the results page to claim the free lesson. You may get fewer leads but the quality will be higher.

You can also add in an offer for people who are not ready for lessons yet. That way you can capture their email too and help them get on the path to learning piano and ultimately becoming a customer.
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