Satisfaction over work/life balance... hot takes only

Posted August 24, 2021 in
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Connor DeLaney

"If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original."

I just finished reading this book the other day and honestly, it's changed the way I approach thinking about how my work and personal lives intertwine. 

The book challenges the idea of needing to have balance and replaces that notion with finding satisfaction and prioritizing what makes your life satisfied. 

For example, my prioritization for satisfaction could be:
  1. Family
  2. Work/Career
  3. Health
  4. Social
  5. Education
If I take the time to meet each of these five priorities, I know my life will be more satisfied. While I know we've all read a lot of self-help books, I'd recommend this one over others!
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Mark Baratto
Great find Connor. You always need to check in with yourself to make sure you are in balance. If you take the time to get your car serviced, you BETTER take the time to get your MIND serviced too ;)