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Hello! I hope everyone's doing well. I'd love to see if it's possible to have a session with someone who I can practice role-play interviews with (I have an upcoming interview this Thursday). This is for a consulting role, and any guidance will be greatly appreciated.

Have a great day!
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Connor DeLaney
Uriel Ernesto Alcalde , what kind of role is this for? I know you recently watched the sales roleplays course, is it a sales position in particular? 

Chris Duprey Chris Marr Zach Basner Eric Dunn , Marc Amigone , Melissa Prickett any of you available or can tag someone else in who could help get Uriel ready to rock and roll for their upcoming interview?
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Uriel Ernesto Alcalde
Hi Connor. Great question. This is for a business consultant role, where I'll potentially have to influence clients about a solution with some resistance. Not sure if that covers most scenarios, but that's something that I'm preparing for.
Marc Amigone
Hi Uriel, I'd be happy to help you out - feel free to book some time with me:

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