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Posted May 11, 2021 in
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Lex Russell

Why do content marketers constantly feel cold? They’re surrounded by drafts.

I noticed a new (at least new to me) feature on our company LinkedIn page that lets you recommend curated content for employees at your company to share on their personal profiles.

In the analytics for your page, I believe you can see who shared these posts, which of their connections interacted with those posts, etc. 

One of my big goals has been to try to get our brokers (we are a commercial real estate firm) to share our articles, resources, reports, etc. on LinkedIn since they are the ones with the connections in the industry. I'm hoping this could be an easy solution to that - but I'm also concerned that these posts may come off as inauthentic if they aren't in their voice.

Has anyone used this tool and had success? Or, what do you think it would be best used for?
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Connor DeLaney
I haven't heard of this, but it's a super cool tool if you ask me, Lex Russell . While I need to explore this more to learn the functionality, are you able to create prompts of some sort that make it more "human"? Or even can they create the messages themselves to accompany the content?  

I will say, in the past, we've struggled with creating a rallying cry when we want to share content from throughout the organization and I think this could be a helpful alternative to an async message in Slack or Basecamp or the like. 

Chris Carolan , I know your company is pretty active on LinkedIn, have you explored this at all? 
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Connor DeLaney
Also,  Kristen Harold and  Nicole Cimo-Holmon  have either of you heard of this? Could be a valuable tool! 
Adam Stahl
Keeping an eye on this because I've had the same struggles. I'm going to take a look at it as well and looking forward to hear how you move forward with it  Lex Russell  !
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Lex Russell
Update: I started playing with this today. 

Biggest issue I have with it is that it doesn't automatically send a notification to employees when you make a new curated post. Which is understandable... but annoying

But you can easily share the link to the recommended posts page on your company page and they should be able to share from there with literally 2 clicks. And it gives them the option to edit it.

The analytics you get from these seem cool too. I plan to send a "how-to" out to our company today and see if anyone bites. Then send reminders out every week as I add more posts in.

Will report back when I get any more insights!

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