Pulling Customer Enquiries from HubSpot

Posted May 15, 2022 in
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I am working on our buyer's journey, identifying questions most commonly asked and then adding this to our content creation process.

Has anyone here successfully pulled questions from HubSpot's conversation inbox in bulk?

We get a lot of queries through forms and emails.

Thanks in advance,

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Connor DeLaney
Adam Stahl   Joe Bachir Nick Bennett   Jessica Palmeri is this something you're able to do with HubSpot? I can't seem to remember how we might go about doing this other than manually extracting each.
Jessica Palmeri
Chris Wastney My initial thought is that if your Conversation Inbox auto generates tickets, you should be able to build a custom report that includes the Ticket property "ticket name" and export a list of all ticket names. Then you'll be able to export those to excel or manipulate the data in the builder to see which keywords are coming up most often. 

You could do the same export process with any contact properties that exist in your query forms. 
Chris Wastney
Very helpful thanks!! 

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