Oh, you want revenue?

Posted September 23, 2022 in

Jake Jordan

I help leaders draw straight lines to success.

I had a conversation today with a TAYA client that went like this:

Sales Leader: I want to concentrate on doing outbound prospecting.

Me: What will make you more money quickly, improving outbound skills or selling to current customers?

Sales Leader: Hmmm. (grin) Probably working with current customers.

Me: Why is that true?

Sales Leader: We have already earned their trust and we know a lot more about them as a company.

Me: So should we work on outbound training the next few weeks?

Sales Leader: Nope. You said it, let's go after the revenue!

It's easy to get caught up in your own priorities and deadlines. They become very important because YOU make them important. Unless you have someone asking the hard questions though, it's easy to go off path.

Step away. Ask for feedback. Get back to work. 

Happy Friday! 
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