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Posted April 21, 2021 in
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Carina Duffy

All the HubSpot, all the time.

Holy moly there's a new HubSpot hub! A few things I'm excited about:
  • Custom coded workflow actions (if you know JS, you could pretty much make HubSpot do anything)
  • Better data syncing to other platforms
Check it out here.

What do you all think?? Is this something you think you'll use?
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Blake Cormier
I'm excited! We used PieSync to move our contact data over from ConnectWise when we first started with HubSpot. We were trying to make do without a continuous sync, but the rest of the company basically lives in ConnectWise, so there really does need to be a sync there. Going to give this a try ASAP!
Blake Cormier
I might have gotten prematurely excited... I don't see ConnectWise as an option in the new "data sync" section of the marketplace, so I guess it's not supported just yet. I wonder if it's a planned feature or what -- the PieSync version worked pretty well.
Blake Cormier
Here is the response I received from HubSpot support Adam Stahl  

In regards to any PieSync apps that are not yet available on the data sync collection in the HubSpot App Marketplace, we are not able to disclose anything future facing that the product team is building (to avoid making promises publicly that we’re not capable to 100% keep).

In regards to Connectwise Manage, I've checked internally and can see that others have requested this and that the product team will be releasing more apps in the upcoming months. While I cannot provide a definite timeline in case anything changes, I would use the app marketplace linked above to check in as more apps are released!
Adam Stahl
Thanks for the insights  Blake Cormier  !
Blake Cormier
Adam Stahl  I just checked today and ConnectWise is now available in the Marketplace as a data integration. I'd love to connect with you about if/how you plan to use it going forward1
Connor DeLaney
Adam Stahl have you seen the same thing with ConnectWise? Also,  Carina Duffy  not sure if you would know what's in the pipeline, butttttt I would think ConnectWise would at the least be on the way, right?
Adam Stahl
We don't have ConnectWise connected to HubSpot today but we've been looking into how we can. Apparently we have the Operations Hub free edition but I'm not seeing much documentation on it. HubSpot just puts me in a loop.

Also, weirdly I'm not longer seeing the ConnectWise PieSync app in the app marketplace as of today.
Carina Duffy
Right on!! Also -  Adam Stahl  you both should connect on syncing HubSpot and ConnectWise!!
Adam Stahl
10/10 would love to know how that experience has been for you  Blake Cormier and why / how you're looking to make that move. We're looking to tie together our HubSpot and ConnectWise instances as well.

Thanks for the tag,  Carina Duffy  !

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