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Posted November 8, 2022 in
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I hope you're not getting tired of Google Analytics 4 updates because we certainly haven't seen the last of them.

What's New

On November 3, the GA4 changelog noted an update to custom reports:
You can now add custom dimensions and metrics to your custom reports as primary dimensions, enabling you to more easily report on custom information that's important to your business. Additionally, the dimensions and metrics pickers in the Reports Builder have been updated to allow for easier navigation to help you find dimensions and metrics quickly.

Why You Should Care

Being able to customize your reports to include the dimensions you really care about is huge. This was a feature of Universal Analytics reports that was sorely missed when not included in GA4.

There's been a lot of justified moaning and groaning from marketers about things that the newest version of Google Analytics is lacking (remember when it didn't have bounce rate?). The good news is, it seems like the developers are working to address concerns and make updates as quickly as possible. 

In the example given by Google, you can see where custom dimensions can be easily found in the editor. 

pasted image 0.png

Do you use custom dimensions in your GA4 reports? What do you report on and why? 
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