Missionaries vs. Mercenaries: What Really Drives You?

Posted October 24, 2022 in

Devon McCarty

Driven Communicator | Leadership, Sales & Marketing Coach

When you think about the work you've been doing for whatever company paid for your IM+ seat, what really drives you to do it well?

The paycheck? The product? The vision? The people?

Let's talk Missionaries vs. Mercenaries: 

                                                              Missionaries vs. Mercenaries: What Really Drives You?
Have a great week, 

 - Devon 
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Jess Johnson
David Seawright  this may interest you!
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Becca Manganello
AGREEEED - Such a great week last week! 🎉 LOTS of great content and presentations!  Isabelle Braeutigam - This is a 🔥 post/video! I think you and  Michael Flory  would enjoy this and its good to have this top of mind going into the next QT. 
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