Mind Blown, Again.

Posted October 28, 2020 in

Kendra Ellis

Humble Leader, Marketing Geek

It is not surprising to me that after a great day of training, you've already blown my mind again.

I wish I'd taken the time to visit this portal months ago. It is exactly how I SHOULD HAVE had my dev team setup our dealer portal. 

Kudos to you IMPACTers, this is a fantastic tool I will be pushing to my team shortly. 
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Connor DeLaney
Thank you so much Kendra Ellis So happy to hear you are enjoying it so far. Let us know what you think of the courses and other parts of the platform as you continue to explore it! 
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Bob Ruffolo
Thanks,  Kendra Ellis  - It's still a work in progress and our backlog of improvements and new feature ideas is a mile long! Glad you're enjoying it. 
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Jolie Higazi
This is so awesome, Kendra Ellis  !
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