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Jimmy Beasley

Adversity cause some men to break, others to break records

Dear Impact plus Community, I don't want to make the same mistake again. The problem is this; 1.) Should I have my two promotion mugs replaced but put the website address or not? The first two did not have my website address? Please be honest. Thank you.
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Liz Moorehead
Hey there, Jimmy! I think the answer to your question depends on this. How and when are the mugs handed out? My gut says put there should be a simple and easy way to add the website address to the bottom of your design on the mug, but if it's something that's really only handed out to folks who know you, are aware of you and of your website, they may not be worth the cost of replacing.

On the other hand, if you want a product that can easily be given as a "delight" gift to those who already know of you (and your site) AND those who you are trying to win over as clients, adding your URL to your mug may be the safest best. :) 

If I misunderstood the question, please let me know, and I will think further on it. Happy Wednesday! 
Jimmy Beasley
Liz Moorehead  , I have thought this throw carefully with the mug replacement and talked to the Vistaprint representative.  and have decided there would be no real value in getting the mugs replaced for my promotional giveaway strategy. So, i am not going to have them replaced. 
Jimmy Beasley
Liz Moorehead , To answer your question' How and when are the mugs handed out? " which is a very good and tough question, and not sure how to answer. The mugs came from Vistaprint, they gave me back the credit to my account. But the first problem is that no one knows I exist, I am just invisible. I know that is very painful for me to say but it is the truth. 
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Liz Moorehead
EVERY single business (even Amazon) started out with their owner lamenting "But no one knows I exist!" So don't get down, you're just starting out on your journey.

If that's the case, I say YES put the URL on the mug, for sure. :) 
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Jimmy Beasley
Liz Moorehead , Well now I am just too confused, I will only be getting two mugs and how will I use them for my advertising plan. Like I told  Tom DiScipio  , I have been in business for 10+  years if not more and no sales, conversions, nothing. 

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