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I am extremely disappointed with the content of the video. While the speaker is nice looking and speaks well, the content is aimed to the sixth grader. There is hardly any "how-to" in the content, perhaps the two minutes on posture. That's about it. Anything else is pretty much common sense. 
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Zach Basner
Hi Chere. Appreciate the fact that you took the time to watch the course and provide your feedback on the on-camera performance course.

You're exactly right - these principles are aimed at even the most novice of subject matter experts. Not intended to impress, but to give them some basic knowledge that allows them to get out of their heads and be helpful to their audiences.

As mentioned in the course, I'm careful not to try to be the smartest in the room but simply offer what I've seen to help so many struggling teams. Many of whom are getting on camera for the first time.
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