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I am the content manager of an app development company, and I have been implementing TAYA since December, primarily through written content, with very little result.

After looking at the success stories and subsequent web content, it's obvious that video is likely to be a game changer. Will videos do better as stand alone content or embedded in a piece of written content on the same subject?

I just joined Impact+ and plan on watching tutorials for the next few days. If there are any particular communities, tutorials, or videos that you would suggest, please let me know.

Our website is matraex.com if anyone would like to take a look. I appreciate any suggestions you can provide.
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Daryl Michel
Hey Tina,
Content definitely takes a while to gain traction so don't lose heart over it. There was a recent post by Marcus on LinkedIn where he talks about this very point!

We've been in the program for nearly 14 months and, yes, it takes time. We are still learning. It certainly doesn't appear that it happened immediately for Marcus at River Pools and Spas.

We haven't fully started yet with video except from Vidyard which the sales part of the Revenue team use every day and that alone is so powerful in our interactions with clients. Video is definitely a win in terms of gaining traction, as it's much better at grabbing and holding attention.

Others might be able to help directly but on the homepage if you go to Communities up the top you'll be able to head over to one for videography I think, and there is so much content to help you.

Take your time, and you will prove the benefits - good luck😁
Becca Manganello
Briana Meisel  - You may have some good feedback here 🔥
Becca Manganello
Hey Tina! I just spoke with  Briana Meisel , one of our content/video coaches at IMPACT. She'll be commenting on this in a bit, so keep your eyes 👀 peeled for some good stuff coming your way 🔥
Briana Meisel

Video for you, Tina 😊

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