How to Use HubSpot Task Queues to Organize the Chaos

Posted December 5, 2022 in
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Jessica Palmeri

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Buried under all of the little things you need to complete this week?  Having trouble remembering to email a client back or when reach out to schedule a follow-up sales call?

We've all been there.

Luckily - Hubspot has an (often overlooked) tool for that!

Check out this 4.5-minute video for setting up task queues in Hubspot and watch your day suddenly become just a little less hectic. 

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Aaron Boatin
Thanks for the the run through. Quick question- can tasks be assigned to teams? Such as ‘supervisor on duty’, so all supervisors would be able to see the tasks to be done and work on them collectively?
Jessica Palmeri
Aaron Boatin Oh how I wish that were the case! Unfortunately, tasks can only have one user who owns that task in HubSpot -- BUT a cool workaround is to "@" mention the other team members who need to be aware of the task in the notes when you're creating it. 

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