How to integrate a pricing page?

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I wonder how to integrate a pricing page when the price we quote is based upon the work we do for clients with a tax liability with the state or federal government.  We specialize in tax resolution, helping folks with state and federal tax problems. The price range is too wide to feel comfortable posting it. Suggestions?
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Mary Brown
Great question Ali Schneider ! And Adam Stahl has the right idea. You can put wide ranges of pricing on your site as long as you vanguard the messaging. One of my favorite examples of this is the pricing page for our client Berry Insurance: Here's a link to their pricing page

Before any numbers are introduced they start with, "...we prioritize honesty and education. We want to provide transparent answers..." which helps build trust. They then note that "...nothing about insurance is straightforward. Every policy is so complex, with unique factors determining the price." They even say, "Before you take the below numbers as gospel, we want to preface by saying, we’ve been doing insurance for decades and things still surprise us every day." By the time they finally do share those wide ranges (e.g, $700 - $4,000), expectations are properly set.
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