How have you identified the writers at your organization?

Posted April 12, 2021 in
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Adam Stahl

I like to say that I put the "information" in information technology.

Good day Content Managers!

At our company we recently made the decision to have every employee participate in the content production process in some way.

Outside of the Revenue Team, I've been trying to find folks in-house that may have a leaning towards writing and can either be relied on to be writing their own articles over time (or the bulk of a piece with guidance and editing) or even potentially ghost writing for others.

How have you gone about finding the writers at your organization outside your general SME pool or folks that it falls under their responsibilities?

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Bri Stauffer
Not sure if this is what you're looking for... I've found that some people who wouldn't consider themselves "writers" are actually really good at writing when it doesn't feel like they're in the spotlight.

For example, I ask people in Sales to fill out a Content Proposal after they share an idea in our weekly Revenue Team meeting.

Recently one of my teammates sent back a proposal that had multiple paragraphs under each question. And this is someone who if you asked to write they would shut down and say "no way"! 
Adam Stahl
That's excellent  Bri Stauffer  and I love the idea of that content proposal.

And yes, that's kind of where I'm at is ways to identify those hidden gems that could be great writers in our midst.

I know one employee outside the Revenue Team that *actively* wants to write and publish content so that was a huge win. So I'm also looking for ways to kind of flush out folks that may also have an inclination or potential to be relied on more for their writing.

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