How do you keep up with HubSpot?

Posted February 9, 2023 in
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Hey HubSpotters,

Quick question for you (answer in the comments):

How do YOU keep up with HubSpot?

  • Are you following Kyle Jepson on LinkedIn, or his newly created account "HubSpot Tips and Tricks"? (the one with the giant orange hat!)
  • Do you regularly carve out time to take or re-take HubSpot Academy Certifications?
  • Are you enrolled in multiple betas that test the boundaries of your HubSpot portal?
  • Groups? Please specify which ones and where we can find them (slack, discord etc.).

Leave your keeping-up-with-HubSpot-strategy in the comments...maybe we can all learn at least one new way to keep up.

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Will Smith
I'll get us started...while Kyle Jepson's "HubSpot Tips and Tricks" is very valuable, I am checking the Product Updates (located in your account menu) at least three times a week to stay on top of the latest improvements and betas available to the public. 

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