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Hey All! 
Interested to see what types of questions you ask in an application for positions at your company to pre-qualify candidates. I am looking to steer away from an automatic personality/cognitive test right at the application stage. Does your company have open-ended questions that stick out to identify ideal candidates right out of the gate?

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Liz Moorehead
Here's a marketing interview questions list we put together and published awhile back: www.impactplus.com

And here's one geared specifically toward company culture fit: www.impactplus.com
Dale Pease
Liz, do you have a guide like the first one, for hiring a sales rep? I know many of the things in the marketing interview questions document apply to Sales positions as well, but if you have one specifically for sales, it would be great to see.
Connor DeLaney
Dale Pease here's an article that's similar to the one Liz linked specifically for sales folks! 
10 Questions to Ask When Hiring Sales Reps for Your Company

Marc Amigone or Vicky Nguyen do you know if we have any sales-hiring focused articles other than this one?
Dale Pease
Thanks. Very helpful.
David Roberge
Thanks, Liz! I am really looking for cultural fit in the application stage, that guide is right on target with some questions I had in mind!
Connor DeLaney
Carolyn Edgecomb I'd love to hear some of the best practices we use as well :) 

Jennifer Goode  you may have some good insight here too with your recent hires!

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